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Test Handler for Standard LED, PD & PT


The Series 1900 is a family of Fully Automatic Test Handlers for standard LED, infrared (IR) LED, photodiodes (PD) and phototransistors (PT) of all kinds - round or flat type, with or without stand-off bar, end or side looker. Series 1900 was developed to meet today's increasing demand for LED and PT sorted by tiny electrical and optical tolerances. Series 1900 is easy to operate, to maintain and to convert.

The components are fed from a bowl feeder into a linear buffer from where they are singulated by a gear driven switch wheel and transferred by an indexing system (belt) to the test station. According to the test result, the components are sorted into one out of ten (10) or twenty (20) sorting bins.

Series 1900 is designed to work with almost all testers available in the market. A cable with 9 pin D-type plug connects handler and tester. Information interchange is done by a hardware handshake with 6 signals (1 x start of test (SOT), 1 x end of test (EOT), 4 x sort component into bin no. xx).

Testers for LEDs (lamps), infrared LED, photodiodes and phototransistors are optionally available.