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Substrate Cleaner & Magazine Loader


The 1100 Series Automatic Magazine Loaders has been developed especially for die bonders with magazine input. Stop with numerous operators sitting around, cleaning substrates and loading magazines. In times, where labor has become expensive, the 1100 series is the ideal tool to cut down your direct labor costs.

Model 1150 is a magazine loader with cleaning station for substrates. The substrates, e. g. PBGA strips, are picked up from the stack and transferred to the cleaning station. At the cleaning station, ionized air is blown onto the substrates, where two rotating brush-wheels clean the substrates. The contaminated air is being sucked off by a vacuum system and the clean, anti-static substrates are loaded into magazines with automatic changeover. A simpler version without cleaning station, Model 1110, is available for leadframe applications but can be used for substrates as well.