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T/M/T/T for Diodes with Axial Leads


The AxL TMTT is an integrated, PLC controlled, fully automatic high-speed Testing, Ink Marking, Testing and Taping Machine for components with axial leads. Due to its modular design the AxL TMTT is very easy to operate and to maintain.

Right after the components are fed from the bowl feeder into a special chain, which transfers the then singulated components from station to station, the polarity is tested. Components with wrong polarity are transferred into a reject/sorting bin right below the insertion station, components with correct polarity are transferred by a special chain to 2 x 2 test stations. Components, which do not meet the specification, are sorted into reject bins, the known good components can be marked by an ink marking station with linked-up UV curing system and cooling zone to avoid thermal shock. After the marking, the components can be tested again on another test switch wheel with 1 x 2 test stations, bad components are sorted into a reject bin. The known good components are packed into reels with red/white tape or can be sorted into bulk. A variety of suitable diode testers are optionally available.