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Trim/Form Machine for Thru the Hole Semiconductors


Model 1300 is a Fully Automatic High-Speed Trim/Form System for TO plastic packages, standard LED, DFM as well as similar bridge rectifier and PDIP types. By means of its modular design model 1300 is very easy to operate and to maintain.

The molded leadframes are picked up from a stack on the left side of the machine. After checking the orientation, the leadframes are transferred by an indexing system to the dry de-flash station. Dambars are cut out automatically. The components are punched out typically by a 4-up punch tool and off-loaded either in tubes or in bulk, depending on the system configuration. Flash, dambars and leadframe wastes are disposed in waste boxes.

As the trim/form tool chamber can be accessed only via secured doors there is no danger to the operator. Sound deadening foam mats inside the trim/form chamber silence the noise level.

As the tools are made from "ASSAB G3" tungsten carbide they can be reworked a few times.