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PBGA Trimming Machine


Model 1500 is a state-of-the-art servo motor driven High-Speed Trimming Machine for PBGAs. It also offers inline mark inspection and reject unit sorting. By its modular design, model 1500 is easy to operate, to maintain and to convert.

The molded substrates are pushed out from a multi-magazine lift system at the left side of the machine into a belt driven transport system, which transfers them to the punch station. The punch station with integrated indexing system punches out the units one by one. The singulated PGBAs are placed into a switch wheel. A vision system inspects the mark of each unit with regard to position and completeness. PBGAs with misplaced or incomplete mark as well as already as bad marked units are transferred into a reject tray. A 90o turning station allows placing the good PBGAs in any desired and programmed direction into the trays for the good components.

The continuously adjustable multi-magazine lift and substrate transport system together with different punch tools offer the highest flexibility possible