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Mold Tools

The mold tools from our Taiwanese partner are manufactured on the latest state of the art equipment and are being used at major semiconductor assembly houses in Taiwan and abroad.  They are famous for their tiny tolerances and unique designs.

The following mold tools are available:

  • Conventional Mold
  • Q.C.C. Mold
  • Semi MGP Mold
  • MGP Mold
  • Auto Mold Chase

The mold tools can be top or bottom transfer. We are specialized in all major IC packages, incl. PBGA and TSOP, as well as all power semiconductor packages. Mold tools for other packages, such as small signal devices, LEDs and phototransistors, are available as well.

Beside new mold tools we also offer a mold tool refurbishment service for mold tools from all mojor tool suppliers as well as mold spare parts.