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Auto Frame Loader (AFL)


Model 1200 is a Fully Automatic Frame Loader for the widest spectrum of leadframes in strips and PBGA substrates. By its modular design, model 1200 is very easy to operate, to maintain and to convert.

The leadframes are pushed out from the magazines at the right side of the machine into the belt driven indexing system, which transfers them to the pick-up position. A robot with 360o rotary transport head transports the leadframes to their place positions on the loading frame, which rests on a hot plate. Sensors, detecting the orientation of the leadframe in the indexer, the rotary transport head with auto correction function and the fully automatic material handling system reduce operator interventions dramatically.

Safety curtain and sensor secured acrylic glass doors around the working area ensure that there is no danger to the operator.

The continuously adjustable magazine lift and indexing system and the programmable place positions together with conversion kits for different mold tools offer the highest flexibility possible.